Revival 2022

Revival Preacher

Dr. David Peacock

From Bible Believers Baptist Church of Jacksonville, Fl.

Dr. David Peacock
  • When:
  • - 10th 2022
  • Where:
  • Anchor Baptist Church
  • 4641 Oakdell Ave
  • Dayton, OH 45432
  • (937) 478-9248

The first service will be at 7 pm on Monday, March 7th 2022.

Nursery workers will be provided for services.

Meals are TBD.
Games and activities to be announced.
Bring extra clothes for any activities we may do.

This list of hotels and prices are an old version and will have different prices. Please check their website for more accurate prices.
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If you need any help finding a local hotel or have any questions please feel free to contact Joe Baiano at 937-516-2096

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